Muscle Calm Whipped Body Butter With Magnesium And Lavender
magnesium whipped body butter for pain and anxiety relief

Muscle Calm Whipped Body Butter With Magnesium And Lavender

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If you experience stress, poor sleep, tension, fatigue, irritability, muscle and nerve pain or other symptoms of magnesium deficiency, it's time to try Simply Pure By Salisha's Pure Magnesium Oil Spray. Harvested from pure seawater salt pools, our transdermal or topical magnesium chloride products are absorbed directly through the skin. It's one of the most effective ways to treat symptoms of deficiency. Our magnesium oil is sourced from distilled, concentrated seawater. Unlike magnesium chloride hexahydrate (a lab product) our magnesium chloride sourced from the sea is natural and also contains 90 Plus trace minerals, which can't be reproduced in a lab. Our magnesium chloride products are antimicrobial, antiseptic, crystal clear, non-staining and fragrance-free.

When you need a milder, totally natural alternative to pail killers Simply Pure By Salisha' magnesium whipped shea butter is exactly what you need. It relieves pain and anxiety naturally and calms restless legs. Salisha's Muscle Calming Pain Relief Shea Butter made with therapeutic grade lavender essential oil and mineral rich magnesium to help with many aliments and conditions from pain relief to anxiety and blood pressure regulation. We finish it off with skin nourishing aloe vera and olive oil. 

Our hand whipped shea butter and mineral rich magnesium combination create a luxurious experience you have to try to believe. Its a new way to soothe, hydrate and completely moisturize your dry skin with added health benefits of pure magnesium

  • Great for sore muscles
  • Reduces pain naturally
  • Calms restless legs
  • Helps with anxiety and mental health
  • Excellent for bodily twitches 
  • Excellent moisturizer for dry skin
  • Safe for the whole family

Apply liberally as needed up to 3x a day

Ingredients: Organic shea butter, magnesium chloride, organic olive oil, organic lavender essential oil, filtered water, organic aloe.

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