Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade - 3 OZ

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Food gradd diatomaceous earth
Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade - 3 OZ

Mineral Powder for Everyday Wellness

    Look and feel great with the versatile Diatomaceous Earth. It’s a source of silica, magnesium, boron, and other naturally occurring minerals that promote healthy bones, hair, skin and nails.

    Diatomaceous Earth is also known as Pure Siliceous Earth because it’s main mineral content is silica.


    Sprinkle inside and outside home to prevent bugs and insect infestation.

    Use internally to detox and cleanse.

    Use on pets to prevent fleas and kill harmful parasites.

    Sprinkle in garden as a natural pesticide and fungicid.

    Add to face mask and cleanser to gently exfoliate skin.

    Combine equal parts with baking soda for a soft scrub to clean around the house. 

    Remineralize bones, skin and hair.

    Add to shampoo for super clean, shiny hair.

    Combine with tooth powder or paste. Use 2x weekly.

    Sprinle to kill mould and mildu. 

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